I’ve debated with myself for a while about what’s real and what isn’t. Most of the time I’m discussing superficial bullshit that hardly scrapes the surface of what I actually want to say. But I hold back. I never put myself too far out there. I never give too much. I admire Ashley a hell of alot. When I read her late night posts I can always relate. I love the courage that she has to just let it all out and fuck what everyone else thinks. I miss that. I feel that I can’t say what needs to be said because I’m too conscious of who reads or has access to my thoughts.

I noticed also that I’m starting to HATE braggarts. Who doesn’t? But to see anyone on Tumblr bragging about something they purchased that’s ridiculously expensive when they’re laid up in their parents house making a little more than minimum wage seems to defeat the purpose doesn’t it? Why you bragging on that dumb shit but you have no savings? But what the hell do I know? My life is currently uneventful and on the verge of a huge crisis so why am I even bothered? No idea but I will say that there’s a thin line between love and hate, because I love to see talented people move forward and get items they need to become better at what they do.

Eventually I hope I can provide more depth. Or maybe this is as real as it gets.